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„Ateliers am Rhein“ offers space and excellent environment for your workshops and meetings.

„Ateliers am Rhein“ is located at the river Rhine  in Basel promenade area, in northwestern Switzerland, in an idyllic setting embedded in a delightful garden in the middle of the culture capital city of Switzerland. We have a larger room with huge windows surrounded by a wonderful garden we can share with you and one smaller room for meeting and workshops too with river view. This encourages the ideas to flow and grow.

Located in the city. About 1 kilometer from Basel central Railway station and from Badischer Bahnhof (german station) , not far from the airport , we can be easily reached by car or public transport.

Our guests and customers are from many sectors: include corporations across different industries, universities and technical colleges, cantonal and federal agencies, cultural university groups as well as social and other private institutions.

The Ateliers am Rhein have also permanent residents who work in a creative job like film makers. Often we get the chance to work together for larger productions.

Do not hesitate to contact us, may it be for work or for getting a venue rental for an event etc.

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